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Our goal is to provide high quality, easy-to-assemble home decor products at an affordable price. 

Ahhh... it's time to relax

Our furniture is easily assembled in minutes straight out of the box without the need for any tools. 

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Homcor Armchair/Beige

Homcor Armchair/Beige

Regular price $449.99

Copy of Homcor Loveseat/Beige

Copy of Homcor Loveseat/Beige

Regular price $649.99

Copy of Homcor Sofa/Beige

Copy of Homcor Sofa/Beige

Regular price $799.99

About Our Products

  • One Box, One Stop-Shop

    Receive your package at your doorstep! There’s no need to step foot into a crowded store to order yourself new furniture. Whether you’re looking to redecorate your guest room or you’re moving out, HomeCor helps make your décor needs a breeze.

  • No Tools Needed

    So easy that you could do it all by yourself. No tools, no help, no headaches.

  • Modular Assembly

    You can combine every single product into one! Add the wedge and the chair onto the end of the sofa for added seating capacity. Switch them back to suit your lounging pleasures.


How long does it take to arrive?

We do our best to ship out your order ASAP. Shipping usually takes 7-14 days (within US) after payment transaction. International shipments can take upwards to 7-21 days.

Will my package arrive in one box?

For the most part! The only product that comes in separate boxes is the sofa.

Where are HomeCor products manufactured?

We take time to curate our selection of furniture from China.

Can I assemble my furniture without any tools?

Absolutely! No tools, no struggle, no headaches.

What is the return policy?

Customer pays for shipping on returns. 30-day return policy.

Can I buy spare parts?

Yes. You can buy the products separately or you can purchase them all and combine them.

What method of payment can I use?

Cashier checks sent to our P.O., all major credit cards and some crypto-currency.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Shipping costs vary depending on geographic location.